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Onset Previs brings creativity to the artistic teams. Its a regained sight for directors. It also allows direct Post-viz overnight and gains on shooting time and post-production (mastered framing, tracking data,…). Our technical and artistic teams are here to assist you!

Our virtual studio solutions are dedicated to live shows such as TV shows, events, TV series and docudrama. To different projects, different solutions: we offer IR based tracking (EasyTrack) or mechanical tracking and we are compatible with Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

New hybrid production workflow with live sequences in virtual studio directly edited and Previs sequences with residual post-production work (lighting, tracking, VFX, …). The ultimate virtual production workflow with limited post-production thanks to the use of live render engines.

Our technology SolidTrack is perfectly designed for Onset Previs. Easy to set up, very light and based on real-time optical tracking, it can be mounted on any king of camera, and used inside or outside. The perfect tool for filmmakers.

New generation tracking solution based on infrared trackers, EasyTrack is perfect for virtual studio. It is easy to set-up, markerless and light to manipulate. EasyTrack also allows 3D objects tracking and depth compositing.

Mr Melies is a virtual camera working without marker or Mocap equipment. Perfect to preview virtual elements and preproduction steps (Previs, scouting, …)

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