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Virtual production and augmented reality experts

SolidTrack is the branch of Solidanim French animation studio dedicated to virtual production and augmented reality, with technical and artistic proven know-how.

With a strong desire to bring evolution to the traditional shooting, we want to offer the highest technology to filmmakers and content producers to reach better results, faster, in a revolutionary way. EasyTrack is the answer to new shooting needs, such as virtual production. We joined our know-how and more than 15 years experience in filmand 3D industry to build with producers pioneer efficient and easy-to-set-up real-time tracking systems.

Our array of solutions, developed in house or with our partners, aim at answering all kinds of environments and challenges: film, video game, television, and commercials.
We provide optical tracking (SolidTrack), IR based tracking (Easytrack) as well as mechanical tracking, routed into EasyTrack hub (genlock and communication with render engines)

Passion for VFX

Our dedicated team focuses on building success thanks to years of experience and extensive knowledge in the fields of visual effects / VFX and 3D animation. Our passion of image is the engine of our roadmap, our business decisions and our support infrastructure. We understand the changing needs of content production and will be there every step of its evolution.

Innovation and motion tracking

We took part in many innovative projects in the industry that have pushed our technology to new heights. Our company aims at responding and adapting to the rapid development of technologies that are changing the face of content production and movie making.

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