SolidTrack Operator

SolidTrack Operator

Solidtrack Technologies Inc. recently developed a real-time camera tracking solution for the on-set previzualisation of visual effects. We are currently opening our Los Angeles office and are looking for a VFX onset operator in charge of operating Solidtrack.

Key duties
/ Operate Solidtrack workstation on-set
/ Coordinate with onset FX operator (Motion builder)
/ Liaise with other technical teams (camera team, DOP, director, first assistant, etc…)
/ Report daily to our production supervisor

/ Full-time
/ 40 hours per week with potential extra-hours
/ Comprehensive training to our software (2 weeks)
/ Job location in our Los Angeles office
/ Most time spent on productions in North and South America
/ First mission starting in October 2014 in Los Angeles on a 3-months movie produced by a major American studio.
/Salary 4000$ per month

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