How to get Easytrack?


EasyTrack typical package includes a light workstation, 4 base-stations, 3 IR trackers, a genlock and zoom/lens data box, cables and set-up accessories and an unlimited software license (use limited to one tracking camera). The license can be extended to multiple camera tracking and 3D objects tracking.
Contract terms include support and maintenance for one year, optionally renewable and a 2-days comprehensive training on site.

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Most movie production and post-production companies resort to rental services when using EasyTrack.
For movie services, we have designed and manufactured custom production units, easy to set-up and to move.
We work with our own professional team of skilled technicians, with field experience acquired all around the world. Our services often include image rendering (Zero Density, Unity, …)
EasyTrack solution can be rented from one day up to several months.

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