Specifications and applications

EasyTrack main use cases are :

  • Virtual studios equipped with handheld cameras, dolly or small cranes
  • Objects tracking : 3D assets insertion, virtual accessories that can be combined to camera tracking
  • AR shows and events
  • Depth compositing

Product usability :

EasyTrack is mainly suited for mastered studio conditions and allows to track camera moves within a range of 10x10 meters. This tracking area can be increased by pairing additional transmitters (feature in development).

EasyTrack works with various render engines and virtual studio solutions.
It can be used with Zero Density Reality solution, with Unity 3D and other rendering softwares and adds no latency to the set-up.

Technical specifications

Sync and genlock signal mastering-Zoom & Focus data
Free-D, OSC and other main communication protocols (custom output on-demand) -FBX export for post-production

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