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Mr Méliès boosts your production creation

The virtual camera, Mr Méliès is an innovative virtual camera developped by SolidAnim.The device runs with SolidTrack, the real time markerless camera tracking solution.

The smart portable viewer meets the needs of any virtual production project such as on-set previz, virtual shows, accurate framing or cinematics.

The light and wireless system enables its users to visualize VFX while shooting. Mr Méliès has a rotative motorized screen allowing users to shoot in different positions without losing sight of the screen.

The device is created to offer users a high comfort level and develops their creativity.

Mr Méliès gives you more freedom

Flexibility and comfort for film, television, videogame and virtual set previz : the device requires no markers and is suitable for indoors as outdoors shooting.

Mr Méliès is an ideal device for pre-analysing your shooting environment and organizing your production.

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